Ford Transit Custom 3 Bolt Deadbolt Kit -No remotes

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The Wolfelec Deadbolt System is a bespoke security product for the Ford Transit Custom. It is designed to stop thieves from easily opening the rear and side cargo doors.

This version is for vans with two sliding doors.

With this system fitted your cargo doors will be electronically secured by a 13mm stainless steel bolt, near the top of each door. The high location of the bolts also adds an extra layer of protection from ‘peel and steal’. A quick search on the internet will show you how common this type of theft is.

There are no alterations to the outside of your van and no mechanical keys are needed for normal operation.

Wolfelec have been providing quality vehicle security products for over 40 years. We know reliability is important and we only use the best quality actuators made for us in Switzerland, unlike our competitors.

As this system is designed specifically for the Ford Transit Custom it is easier to install than universal products. All brackets and fittings specific to the Custom are supplied along with a wiring harness, templates and high quality instructions and colour photographs.

For security reasons we can’t tell you everything about our products on a public website, but if you have any questions or concerns please contact us for further details.

This kit comprises deadbolts for two sliding doors and  the twin rear door, a wiring harness,  a full harness and detailed colour instructions. For operation by a switch, or your own remote control or alarm.