Omega K9 Classic Alarm

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The Classic-EDP2 offers the latest in security and convenience technology.  This feature-rich security/keyless entry system will deter even the most determined or sophisticated thief. Our state-of-the-art vehicle security platform offers unsurpassed vehicle protection that can only be offered by K-9’s 40+ year legacy.

• Sounds Siren & Car Horn Together
• 2 Auxiliary Channel Ouput
• Silent Arm/Disarm
• 2-Stage Disarm
• 2 Remote Transmitters
• Door Activated Anti-Carjack
• Ignition Activated Anti-Carjack
• Transmitter Activated Anti-Carjack
• Panic
• Easy Valet
• Starter Kill Relay & Socket
• Shock Sensor w/ Pre-warning
• Port For External Dual Zone Sensors
• Flashing Light Outputs
• Keyless Entry
• Programmable Features